Starting its jewellery journey in 1990, our company continues to grow and develop day by day.

During the long time of business, success, secured with mutual trust, let our brand “DAPPRIMA” with the team of specialists achieve its current position. Now it is time to get higher goals and wider horizons!

Developed in early nineties, “DAPRIMA” has today expanded its brand and production process into many countries in the world, and has gained a deserved place in an international exhibitions.

Creating new designs, decorating them with unique jewelleries, and winning heart of a woman with a “DAPPRIMA” – That is what we aim!

For us, every product we produce and every service we provide to our customers must reflect perfection. All our experience and knowledge, touch of masterful hands and efforts are intended to transfer the best of it in future!

Today, business life in Azerbaijan continuous to grow and develop steadily with our new investments in Turkey, Dubai, and other countries in the world.

Our future target is to make new investments in some countries and particularly in Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, and Middle East countries.

Today we improve our brand in order to take deserved position in the world.

Chairman of Board of Directors

İlham Babaev


Everything started in 1991; design skills and capabilities led to the idea of opening a workshop. Two years later, the business volume grew along with the customer portfolio, and we started to grow and develop. In 1996, we opened a store in the first shopping mall of Azerbaijan. To that time, demands and needs of our customers increased which led us to idea of referring to Italian experts. My first visit to Italy was quite successful. I met unique masters whose works are high priced. During the years, our relationship evolved into a solid friendship. The sources of product industry, success and customer satisfaction are friendship and love to jewellery art.


Closely keeping up with trends and fashion, our brand sets the modern jewellery design criteria in every single detail. We conduct market researches to determine our contributions to the art of jewellery.

Gaining of many awards, and well proved its success in countless shows it participated, the “DAPPRIMA” brand has teamed up talented designers and experts who converts hand labour into jewellery product.


Receiving the receipt of order “DAPPRIMA” controls every stage: from order confirmation to delivery of product to its user.

We subject the products to full quality control at every stage, and guarantee timely delivery of every product.

DAPPRIMA” has full confidence in its works, and we invite you to observe and assess our production process from order receiving to its delivery, in retail and wholesale also.

Services provided by “DAPPRIMA”:

The company has a design team consisting of Italian, French, Turkish, and Greek specialists.


We take part in the most important jewellery shows all around the world with our brand, and exhibit our own productions.

Besides sales our mounting stand and finished products we provide customized design services and receive orders for producing jewellery from our special collections line, according to customers wish.

We wish to see you in a new exhibition with new products…


Since its establishment, our company inspiring customer all over the world, according to its production quality and product versatility, has hallmarked significant achievements in the fields of import and export.

DAPPRIMA proceeds exporting mountings and finished products to countries with a high potential such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Iran, India, Pakistan, Russia, and Kazakhstan, as well as European countries, by that continue to share its experience and knowledge’s.


One of our essential goals is an improvement and development in this section under supervision of a specialized team and making new investments in our industry.

Our company, which foundation was laid in Azerbaijan, keep going to grow and progress, presenting currently in Turkey (Istanbul, Antalya), UAE (Dubai), Iran (Tehran). It is also planned to expand in India (Mumbai), Kazakhstan (Astana), Russia (Moscow). Our factory of mountings, finished products and customized products which takes place in Turkey employs the best masters of their field, and operates in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.